Past Exhibitions



A Group Show

February 2019-March 2019

In honor of February, the month of love, “Come-hither” will feature artists, poets, and performers who celebrate the body in all of its sensuality.
Romantic latin guitar and other sweet tunes will be strummed throughout the evening by the oh-so-heavenly, Dominic Clément. Come celebrate YOUR senses this First Friday through words, art, wine, and music with this incredible line-up of cutting-edge contemporary artists:
Ally White, Alphachanneling, Danielle Peters, Eli Torres, Eric Hull, Janet Allinger, Jen Dwyer, Joan Bogart, Kayla Paige, Kyle Harter, Leah Thompson Beech, Leigh Erickson, Livingston Stout, Meegan Barnes, Michele Guidarini, Natalie Bessell, Neal Breton, Olivia Barney, Sara Birns, Sonia Calderón, Vanja Vukelic, Zoe Toscano

Later in the month, SF's infamous poetry collective, Red Light Lit, will be reciting poetry and singing songs written in response to these artworks!

Contemporary Artifacts

A Group Show

December 2018- January 2019 

Contemporary Artifacts is an exhibition with a modern twist on how we view artifacts. What would our decedents find left behind from our generation thousands of years from now?

This show includes art from 16 Bay Area Artists and 1 Canadian Artist. Artists include: Suki Berry, Romy Paige Schlick, Olivia Barney (Blot Girl), Cobra Vida, Angela Tannehill, Helen Adilia Arceyut Frixione, Alyse Lattanzio, Nicole Shek, Daniel Velasquez, Javier Saavedra of PACO Movement, Anna Yuhkyung of Merritt Ceramics, Nancy Tobin, Zac Hoffman, Nikko Axzul, Human Shaped Animal, Danielle Peters, Leigh Erickson, and Louise Leong.

The Art of Umijoo

A Solo Exhibition
by Caia Coopman

August 2018- September 2018 

The Art Cave is proud to present Caia Koopman and her intricate new painting series for her "Umijoo" Indiegogo Launch Party. "Umijoo" is a book about ocean conservancy that Caia has been working on for two years with author and fellow nature lover Casson Trenor. Caia's original paintings on wood panels, which will all be exhibited at The Cave, will be used to illustrate this beautiful book.